CISSO Certification

  • Median salary in 2011: $91,000 – source:
  • Prerequisite: This is an advanced course and the prerequisite to sit this Mile2 exam is an understanding of programming code. This code may be Java or .NET – both of which are covered in our Java certification bundle.

Advanced IT Security Platform

The CISSP and the CISSO certifications cover the same knowledge base and for our purposes are considered one in the same. With that said, the reason that we don’t call this a CISSP certification bundle is the fact that most Veterans won’t qualify to sit the CISSP exam but they will qualify to sit the CISSO exam. This standard covers everything you need to adequately protect your network. Covered objectives include: Risk management, operations security, physical security, application security, cryptography, law/regulations/compliance, security architecture, and much more.

Included: CISSO course with approximately 33 hours of instructive video, interactive labs, pre-tests / post-tests, Mile2 CISSO resources kit, and one Mile2 exam voucher with veteran retake pass. We will also include our Veteran Services Education Coaching and Mentoring Program.

Time to complete: 155 clock hours or 8 weeks

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